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Circuit breaker Compact NSX100F TMD 16 A 3 poles LV429627

Short Description:

Experience the superior quality of the Nofuel Series Compact NSX Molded Case Circuit Breaker.  The Series circuit breaker is ideal for panelboards, switchboards, motor control centers, and busway applications. Choose from a premier selection of trip units including thermal magnetic, electronic, and magnetic only switches. Available for systems up to 600 VAC or 250 VDC with current ratings up to 630A. 


  • FOB Price: US $5 - 499 / Piece
  • Supply Ability: 5000 Pcs per Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Paypal
  • Control voltage: 24V 48V 72V 110V 230V 240V 380V 440V 480V
  • Brand : Nofuel
  • Product Detail

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    Typpe      NSX100      NSX250       NSX400      NSX630
    Rated current In(A) 16…100A 12…250A 250…400A 400…630A
    Number of poles 3


    3 3 3
    Rated voltage Ue(V) AC-380V-69V DC250
    Rated insulation Voltage Ui(V) AC690V
        Short-circuit Interrupting capacity Icu/Ics      AC 690V - 14/7 35/18 35/18
    500V - 14/7 35/18 35/18
    440V 20/10 50/25 100/75 100/75
    415V 25/13 70/70 100/75 100/75
    380V 25/13 70/70 100/75 100/75
    230V 65//33 100/100 200/150 200/150
    DC 250V 10/5 20/10 20/10 20/10
    Dimensions(mm)     a 77


    105 140 210
    b 124 153 258 275
    c 67 86 104 111
    ca 77 108 138 168
    Weight(kg) 1


    2.4 6.1 9.4
    Electrical-operation device
    Automatic tripping device Thermal-magnetic Thermal-magnetic Thermal-magnetic Thermal-magnetic


     Circuit breaker Compact NSX + TM-Trip 
    Rated Ampere Trip Unit 3P 4P
    16A TM16D LV429627 LV429647
    25A TM25D V429626 LV429646
    32A TM32D LV429625 LV429645
    40A TM40D LV429624 LV429644
    50A TM50D LV429623 LV429643
    63A TM63D LV429622 LV429642
    80A TM80D LV429621 LV429641
    100A TM100D LV429620 LV430642
    125A TM125D LV430621 LV430641
    160A TM160D LV430620 LV430640
    200A TM200D LV431621 LV431641
    250A TM250D LV431620 LV431640
    Rated Ampere Trip Unit 3P 4P
    16A TM16D LV429847 LV429857
    25A TM25D LV429846 LV429856
    32A TM32D LV429845 LV429855
    40A TM40D LV429844 LV429854
    50A TM50D LV429843 LV429853
    63A TM63D LV429842 LV429852
    80A TM80D LV429841 LV429851
    100A TM100D LV429840 LV429850
    125A TM125D LV430841 LV430851
    160A TM160D LV430840 LV430850
    200A TM200D LV431831 LV431841
    250A TM250D LV431830 LV431840
    NSX100/160/250H Rated Ampere Trip Unit 3P 4P
    16A TM16D LV429677 LV429687
    25A TM25D LV429676 LV429686
    32A TM32D LV429675 LV429685
    40A TM40D LV429674 LV429674
    50A TM50D LV429673 LV429683
    63A TM63D LV429672 LV429682
    80A TM80D LV429671 LV429681
    100A TM100D LV429670 LV429680
    125A TM125D LV430671 LV430681
    160A TM160D LV430670 LV430680
    200A TM200D LV431671 LV431681
    250A TM250D LV431670 LV431680

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