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  • Electrical Protection and Control

    Our NM1 Series MCB an innovative, smart, efficient, and reliable low-voltage power distribution system. This complete system is scalable and energy-efficient, giving you the performance you require. For businesses that depend on electrical equipment, continuous monitoring of electrical appliances...
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  • Electrical Car Charging

    Nofuel EV Charging point used in all parking environments: offices, hotels, supermarkets, fleets, municpals, etc.and EV Charging wallbox with our Charging protection components It can therefore be used in tough environments:in homes and on private properties (condominium, corporate car park, hote...
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  • Motor Controls

    We have wide selection of contactors , overload relays ,motor starters ,Pilot device and transfer switches for motor control from 3hp to 600hp@480V 7A-800A AC-1 ,AC-3 3phase , 4 Phase , AC12V to AC 660V , DC12V to DC440V wide range of applications to meet your specific industry need. Our products...
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  • Power Distribution

    Serves the entire product, system and solution business for the power distribution infrastructure of residential, commercial, industrial and utility markets. The division offers a wide-ranging portfolio of power distribution and circuit protection products, covering the range from 120 V to 24 kV....
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  • Why need a motor protection circuit breakers MPCB

    Why need a motor protection circuit breakers MPCB

      What is :Magnetic motor circuit breakers   These circuit breakers protect plant from short circuits within the limits of their breaking capacity and by means of magnetic triggers (one per phase). Magnetic circuit breaking is all-pole from the outset: one magnetic trigger will simultaneous...
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  • The difference of contactors

    The difference of contactors

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  • nema VS iec: WHICH IS BEST?

    nema VS iec: WHICH IS BEST?

      As because so many different electrical contactors and straters to choose , you may be curious about the pros and cons of IEC vs NEMA rated devices. Let Nofuel power explain you about the two different standards organizations and which one might suit your intended application best! What is NEMA...
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  • HVAC & R machine control solutions

    HVAC & R machine control solutions

    Nofuel Power… Your Solutions Partner: From simple stand-alone control products to global building management systems, Nofuel Electric HVAC solutions can save you up to 30% on energy consumption.   Nofuel Electric is ...
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